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Speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and receivers maintenance

Your speakers make crackly noise and don’t play as clear as they did before?
Subwoofer doesn’t play sound anymore?
Your receiver doesn’t work?

All these and other speaker/subwoofer related problems can be fixed in Netiabi Hoolduskeskus. Just contact us!

Diagnostics is FREE OF CHARGE!*
With low-price speakers or serious damage we first figure out if it is better for you to fix it at all or just buy a new one.

Prices for easier works with common devices start from 7.25 euros.

Send us an email or call our care center - we will fix your device!
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Is your computer slow? | Lets fix it!
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Contact Netiabi

Netiabi Computer Maintenance

Vilmsi 47, Tallinn

We are located at the corner of Gonsiori and Vesivärava Street across Torupilli Selver.

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Computer repair

Initial diagnostics is FREE OF CHARGE!

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