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Television set repair. LCD, plasma and LED TV maintenance

Your TV doesn’t show picture?
TV doesn’t play sound?
Burning smell is coming from your TV?
Back or side lightning doesn't work?

All these and other problems will be fixed by our experienced technicians.


Diagnostics is FREE OF CHARGE!* 
We can also help you with connecting set-top box and TV
Which TVs do we repair?
We fix LCD, plasma and LED TVs.
We don’t repair old integral tube TVs as the maintenance prices would be higher than the TV itself.
Prices for smaller works with common devices start from 39 euros.
The TV repair takes as much time as difficult the is problem and that if the spare parts need to be ordered.
As TV set prices have dramatically decreased in recent years, we first make sure if it is better for you to have it fixed at all or you should buy a new one instead.
Send us an email or call our call center on 5850 1010 and we will fix your TV!
We repair Bang & Olufsen, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Sony, Sharp, Nokia, Vestel and TVs from other manufacturers.






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Netiabi Computer Maintenance

Vilmsi 47, Tallinn

We are located at the corner of Gonsiori and Vesivärava Street across Torupilli Selver.

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Computer repair

Initial diagnostics is FREE OF CHARGE!

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