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Need data restoration? Send us an email. Diagnostics is FREE OF CHARGE!
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We recover damaged data for:

  • Desktop computer and laptop hard disk drive (HDD)
  • USB memory stick
  • SD, xD and other memory cards
  • SSD hard disk drive
  • Tablet PC and e-reader memory
  • Any questions? Feel free to ask us!
The price of the restoration depends on the data storage device and the extent of the damage.  

If we can’t restore your data, you don’t have to pay.
Data carrier damage detection is FREE OF CHARGE
Software damage data recovery chances are approximately 98%.
Depending on the amount of data and the impairment, the recovery may take time from a few days to several weeks.
For Netiabi Maintenance Centre, it is important to make sure that information entrusted to us is kept private. We ensure the confidentiality of the restored data. Our technicians do not work, or disclose information about the content of the data to third parties.
Contact us and we will figure out how to recover your data.  


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We are located at the corner of Gonsiori and Vesivärava Street across Torupilli Selver.

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