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Netiabi offers companies IT services and solutions

We make sure everything works flawless for our clients. We administrate your computer workstations, printers, network equipment, Wi-Fi networks and a lot more.
Regular maintenance helps prevent problems.
We can tell you when your UPS charger is getting weary, or how to make network printer not fail.
Constant system supervision in order to prevent problems is a part of maintenance service.
Cleaning devices
Have you ever checked the dust bunnies in your computer that hasn’t been cleaned for years?
Do you know why the keyboard keys look as if they were polished?

Professional cleaning for computers and other IT devices from Netiabi make sure that your devices will last longer.
By having your IT devices cleaned regularly, you don’t always have to buy new ones.
Software that works
We will make sure your antivirus software is working and up to date.
It is important for us to always have backup files of your business data so if anything should happen with your hard disk drive, it doesn’t affect your business too much.

Planning for IT solutions
We will help to find IT solutions for your business that would increase your sales and earn more profit.


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Netiabi Computer Maintenance

Vilmsi 47, Tallinn

We are located at the corner of Gonsiori and Vesivärava Street across Torupilli Selver.

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Computer repair

Initial diagnostics is FREE OF CHARGE!

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